4 Things to Look for in an Accountant

Choosing an accountant for your small business is a big decision. The size of your company and magnitude of bookkeeping required for your type of business can have a big impact on the accountant you choose. You may choose to work with a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, a CPA or maybe both. Here are four things to look for in an accountant.

4 Things to Look for in an Accountant

1. They Speak Language You Understand

While we all want to work with professionals who are experts in their field, when it comes to hiring an accountant, you need to be able to understand the language they speak. Your books and financials are essentially your livelihood. Entrust your financials with someone who can explain in clear terms what they are doing with them.

2. They Have Experience Specific to Your Business

Just like any other profession, accountants have specialties. When you are interviewing accountants, ask questions about experience related directly to your business. Small business accountants will have a different set of skills and knowledge from an accountant whose clients are large companies or corporations.

3. They Will Stand With You in the Event of an Audit

The IRS continues to audit very few taxes, so your chances of getting audited are low. However, anyone who prepares your taxes and handles your financials should be prepared to explain their work in the event of an audit. 

4. Are They Local

Many small business owners want to do business with others within their community. This allows the opportunity to make the business transaction a little more personal. It can be comforting to know that you can drop by your accountant’s office with files and paperwork, rather than submitting everything online.

A good accountant is a huge asset to your business. It is worth the time to carefully weigh your options before selecting a professional to work with.