Tips for Selling a Home in San Gabriel Valley and Surrounding Areas

If you are looking to sell your home then one of the key things that will sell it is location. This can be about the views that can be seen from your house window or by walking just a short distance from it. Also, the convenience in terms of its location to colleges for your children’s education and the opportunities for work that are within travelling distance. These are things that you cannot change. However, there are many things that you can do to your house to help sell it or make it more desirable to housebuyers.

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A tidy house will help sell your home. This is because it looks pleasing to the eye of the buyer and also proves that you are not hiding anything with clutter that you do not want to be seen. Potential buyers of real estate will also want to see how you have made use of the available space as it will give them ideas as to how the property can fit in with their lifestyle, too. We are all different but have the one thing in common that we need to better utilize space when we do not perhaps have sufficient budget to afford the larger house we might desire.  

Home Improvements

Certain home improvements will add value to a house, whereas others will make no difference other than to have made us happy. Fitted kitchens and bathrooms that have had a makeover will be selling features. As will making a home greener by fitting solar panels or adding smart meters that monitor how much electricity we are using. If we have switched to a renewable energy source, we are not only helping the environment but in the long term reducing electricity bills for us and future occupants of our home.

The outside of our home is the first view housebuyers will see when they approach our house, so consider how your property would look to you approaching it. Have hedges and bushes looking tidy. A nice driveway can be very inviting. A good-looking and well-maintained roof will be noticed. Certain roofing materials like slate we know will last for years. Nobody buying a house wants to immediately spend a lot of money on it unless the price is reflecting that fact. Those who like a blank canvas to work with will be referring to their plans for its interior.

Professional Photography

Always make use of professional photographers to sell your home. This should be taken care of by your real estate agent. It is important to show your home off to its best, inside and out. Potential buyers will then already have ideas for what they could do with your home without even having visited it. This will save time in not having housebuyers turn up who will then not be interested in your home. It wastes your time and theirs if it is not what they are looking for. The only thing they will know otherwise is its location. That can be said of a lot of houses for sale around you.

Photographs are good at showing off the best features if you make them the subject matter. The outdoor photographs can be taken on a good day, perhaps a better day than when your prospective buyers were able to view your home. A house can look very different in the sunshine and we all want to think of living somewhere where the weather is nice.


If you have nice neighbours, alert them to the fact that you have some people looking around your home. They will then perhaps make themselves available to chat. We all want friendly neighbours. They will be nothing but encouraging if they like who they see visiting your home. They can help sell your house for you by how they present themselves. Of course, good neighbours will be sad to see you go but will equally be keen to attract new friends worth knowing.

In conclusion, whether it is San Gabriel Valley, one of the main valleys of Southern California, where you are looking to sell your home, or elsewhere, there are things that you can do to attract buyers. This will please everyone from your real estate agent to your old neighbour. Most of all, you.


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