The Many Services Provided by a Process Server

It is the job of the process server to deliver legal documents. This will include divorce papers, custody papers, restraining orders, eviction notices, subpoenas, and court sermons. Firms such as Process Servers Colorado Springs will carry out these deliveries on a client’s behalf. This article will explore further the services offered in each case.

Divorce Papers

A process server can be hired to serve divorce papers on a spouse. This distances the other party from this part of the process and the emotions involved. In many cases, there will be a desire for as little contact with the spouse as possible. The process server can therefore be seen to take away many of the stresses and anxieties that exist during the divorce process. Many people filing for divorce fear the reaction that they are going to receive from their spouse when they find out that they are being divorced. There can be a lot of anger involved. 

Custody Papers

Following on from divorce papers, there will often be children involved in a marriage that will result in a process server also serving custody papers. They refer to court orders that govern custody arrangements between parents or guardians. This is more often than not granted during divorce proceedings but can be requested at a separate hearing.

Restraining Orders

It can sometimes be necessary in divorce cases, for example, to keep parties away from each other. This is where a restraining order comes in and can also be delivered by a process server acting on their client’s behalf. An element of danger is attached to serving a restraining order because the clue is in the title. A process server can often be faced with the same violence that resulted in the restraining order being issued. They are all about protecting the safety of those involved with a court case. Domestic violence is just one of the reasons why a restraining order might be issued. Fortunately, process servers are trained in communicating and negotiating with those less pleasant in our society and can bring a situation under control while serving the necessary legal papers.

Eviction Notices

It is never a popular decision when a landlord has to evict a tenant due to non-payment, or for other reasons relating to protecting their property. They are more than happy when a process server can take care of the process. Tenants who cannot pay invariably have few places to go and so are reluctant to vacate properties. The law, however, is on the tenant’s side in these circumstances and the process server is someone that helps in the process by delivering the eviction notice.


A subpoena is a writ ordering someone to attend court. It must be delivered on time to alert the person they need to appear in court. It can be used where a person has evidence important to a case. It is good to have a process server take care of the delivery of this when those with information may feel afraid to give evidence and so may go into hiding. A process server will have the means, know-how, and tracking skills to find them. It can be vital to the success of a case that the person is found in time. Cases can otherwise not be successful or be delayed from taking place. There will be other times when someone is in trouble and so also prove difficult to locate. Tracking is a business in itself and uses technology and contacts to achieve success. The search can end up an international one, but process servers will work 24/7 to find the person needed for the court appearance and then serve them the court order.


Court Sermons

A court sermon is defined as a legal process that commands a defendant to appear in court on a nominated day and then to answer the complaint that is being made by the plaintiff. Whereas, a summons is a document that will officially start a lawsuit.


In conclusion, there are lots of uses for a process server with experience of finding people and serving legal documents to them. It is now possible to find these services online in your area. A process server is a useful person to have on your side to make sure that a court case runs smoothly, whatever area of the law it relates to.

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