The Ways to Sell Your Home in Knoxville, TN

Selling your home in Knoxville, Tennessee, is something that requires a knowledge of the area that can be successfully communicated with house buyers. This is something best achieved with an experienced team of real estate agents. Along with other strategies that help sell your home.

So, let us think just how our home will sell when we use a listing agent in Knoxville, TN in terms of achieving a sale in the shortest space of time and for the best possible price.


There is good news on house pricing when you are trying to sell your Knoxville home because prices have increased by an incredible 17.8% compared to last year. This is suggestive of homes here being in great demand, as demand is generally linked to price increases. In 2021, we are already seeing a 5.9% upturn with the index for the first few months.

Knoxville has rather encouragingly received a respectable score from the U.S. News and World Report as one of the best places to live. This can, in part, explain the upturn in its house prices.

You can work with your real estate agent when it comes to what price you desire your home to sell for and what they think it will. It all depends on if your home has curb appeal and perhaps some extra features that might attract buyers to it even more, such as a fitted kitchen and already installed energy efficiency.

Location, Employment, Education, and Amenities

Knoxville is known as the Marble City. So, this immediately conjures up an image of luxury about the place. The origin of its name, though, comes from the fact that rock was quarried from this region. This would provide much employment and wealth when it was used to build the Knoxville Museum of Art as well as the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. 

In terms of activities for children and adults alike, there is the World’s Fair Park and the zoo to enjoy, along with the museum already mentioned.  For education, there is the Ijams Nature Center. For entertainment, the Tennessee Theatre. So, there is plenty to do for anybody moving here. So, what your house does not do to attract buyers, the area will.

For schooling of children, buyers will find that there are plenty of K-5th Grade Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools. It is good to have a choice because results can then be compared, as opposed to being restricted by only a handful of schools close by that you can select from.

Tips for Selling Your Home

A real estate agent will sell your home by pricing it sensibly whilst bearing in mind your expectations. Also, by marketing it sufficiently, negotiating effectively with buyers, and then smoothly closing the deal. This is all in a day’s work for a real estate agent who focuses on selling houses. In Knoxville, this is no exception. Seek out a real estate agent with lots of experience and you will not be disappointed in the result. 

From your point of view, as a Knoxonian, there is much that you can do to help sell your home. You can, for instance, declutter it before considering putting it up for sale, to give the best impression to the buyer. You can give it an extra clean to ensure that it is dust-free. Not that a buyer will exactly go around with a white glove to check, but you never know. 

Making your home smell nice will provide a pleasing scent to house buyers. You could have plug-in air fresheners or have scented candles. This should not suggest that you are hiding any kind of smell, but instead, show that you have made an effort and put the buyer in a good mood. Scents reputed to help you sell your home include vanilla and citrus smells such as orange or lemon. Cucumber and cilantro are also recommended as the perfect smells to influence house buyers. Herbs such as rosemary and thyme might also have the desired effect. So, if you have any of that in your garden, then bring it in.

To conclude, pricing your home correctly is key. This is led by the real estate agent but in consultation with you as the house owner. It is encouraging that prices have risen in Knoxville and this will help you to perhaps have your home priced higher than you might have expected. That will be if you plan to sell it this year. Then, don’t forget the tips that you can deploy that will entice interested buyers to secure the deal on your home.

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