3 Ways to Save Space Within Your Home

The way to make a home bigger is to think about whether we need to accommodate our items where we live, the way we use the space that we have, and whether we still need some of the items that we are holding on to. Sentimentality is one thing, but being boxed in, quite another.

So, let us explore these three thoughts as the solution to our space problems at home, considering a self-storage facility first.

Self-Storage Solutions

Having someone else store your items away from your home for you, but still allowing you access to them, can not only save you space but improve the security of your items and protect them from theft. So, this takes away the worry when they are sentimental items or precious ones in terms of value.

Decluttering a home is a rewarding process when it comes to clearing the mind and outside storage facilities can be a part of that process which allows you to not feel guilty when you are still retaining the items.

Some items might be seasonal and so only be needed by you during certain times of the year. These are perfect for putting into temporary storage as you will not miss them during the off-seasons. You have continual access to your rented storage space, so you will be able to switch items from one season for another and always have close to hand the items that you most need.

Self-storage solutions away from your home are about seeing the wood for the trees, as the expression goes. It can be a safety issue if you are constantly tripping up over things. Also, inconvenient and time-wasting when you have to constantly move items out of the way to vacuum your home. There is that risk that you might damage something that you are continually having to move or workaround. It is peace of mind to have an arrangement where you store some of your items elsewhere to help you out when your home is just not big enough for everything. We may consider moving to a larger house but that costs money and ignores the fact that we can become very attached to a home and the people that live near to us. 

Space-Saving Solutions

Ways to save space within a home, which can be considered in conjunction with what needs to go to an outside or self-storage facility are many. We can, for instance, double-up furniture and give it two uses. A trunk that stores items inside can become a tabletop. A sofa used for entertaining during the day can become a bed at night for you or a guest that needs to stay over.

Apart from metamorphic furniture, we can consider the types of furniture that will fold up easier for storage and travel. This will be space-saving and also ideal for storing more of in an alternative storage facility if required.

We can think about how a television mounted on the wall will free up living room space. Also, consider how well we have packed items inside cupboards and about which ones we want on display. There is nothing wrong with alternating possessions between storage and being displayed. It can make a refreshing change and something linked to different seasons and shades.

Which Items Should We Keep?

It is an easy decision that we should keep family heirlooms and items that we remember receiving from someone special. However, it becomes a harder decision when we just like looking at something. We start a collection of ornamental elephants and then perhaps move on to a display of teapots. It is a good idea to focus on just collecting one thing and so perhaps an old collection should be sold to make room for a new one. 

We can check our home for duplicate items. Okay, more than one television is necessary to satisfy those who like to watch different television shows, but then, do we need two of many other things within our home? It is for you to decide how far the duplication needs to go. So this could save you space by just keeping one of everything. That is unless it is part of a collection, of course. Then be careful not to have too many of those.


So, if we are looking to save space within our home it is not a bad idea to assess all the items that we own in terms of whether we could manage without them or for certain times of the year. On this basis, seasonally we could put certain items into a storage facility away from our home yet still close by. Within our home, we could save space by allocating dual purposes to furniture. When it comes to deciding what to keep, checking for duplication of items will be a good place to start. However, if we are still feeling possessive about our items, there is no need to worry because storage providers are there to help you out on a temporary or longer-term basis.

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