Making Real Estate Investments in Mexico

Whether you are looking for a new home, second home or to expand your portfolio, real estate can be an excellent investment. Many US investors are looking south to Mexico for real estate and there is a growing ex-pat community you could be a part of with the right property purchase. Before buying real estate, you will want to know why it is a good idea for your needs, why Mexico makes a good investment and what laws surround these purchases.

Making Real Estate Investments in Mexico

Why Invest in Mexico?

Mexico is a popular vacation destination for people in many different countries because of the sandy beaches and year-round sunshine. This makes real estate investments in the country a good way to diversify your portfolio through vacation rentals in popular areas. Moving to Mexico full-time can be a profitable endeavor for many people, either to take advantage of skilled jobs available or to retire in the sunshine. No matter your reasons for investing in Mexico, buying property can be relatively easy in the digital age with sites like Zisla where you can compare multiple properties. Then you can plan to visit them in person with fewer international trips.

Why Buy Real Estate?

Real estate values increase over time, making buying property a good way to save for retirement or leave a legacy for your children. Most investors will choose cheaper properties to improve upon, but you can find move-in ready homes around the world that fit your budget and needs. These investments usually see less volatility than the stock market and you can even find property management companies to take care of them if you plan on renting the properties out. Some investors will even use these properties as vacation homes and then rent them to tourists or business travelers for the rest of the year.

What Laws Are There?

Real estate laws vary depending on the country you are buying in with Mexico having restrictions on who can buy which types of property. For instance, foreign buyers can only buy properties in restricted zones if they use a bank trust or corporation. The bank is the trustee and the legal owner of the real estate while the beneficiary of the trust, the foreigner, has ownership rights of the trust. These trusts last fifty years and can be renewed. When you go through a corporation to buy Mexican real estate, you are limited to commercial properties and may face higher fees.

Buying real estate can be a good investment in your future and allow you to diversify your portfolio. You can find the perfect property in Mexico and enjoy the sunshine and beaches as a retirement or vacation home or use a property management company to lease it to others.

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