The Keys to Getting Your Real Estate Listing Sold

One of the main concerns of most realtors in the real estate industry is if they’ll be able to sell a home quality and earn the commission they’re hoping for when taking on a new client. Although it may feel out of your hands, there are multiple factors that can influence how quickly you receive an offer from a potential buyer as you represent a home that has recently been listed. 

When you’re preparing to list the home, there are a few key steps to take to ensure it’s sold quickly because of a few changes and improvements you make.

The Keys to Getting Your Real Estate Listing Sold

Stage the Home

One of the most important steps to take to sell a residential property is to stage the property. When you stage the home with different types of decor and furniture, it can allow potential buyers to envision themselves living there. It will also highlight specific features and draw attention to various parts of each room to increase its appeal.

When staging the home, use neutral decor, which will appeal to more buyers and can allow the home to appear contemporary. You can also leave fresh towels out in the bathrooms or drape blankets on the couch to create a cozier setting.

Remove Clutter

If each room is stuffed with too many items or a lot of clutter is present, then it can detract from specific features or the design of the home. You’ll need to work with the seller to remove excess clutter that is present to create a clean and tidy space that doesn’t remind buyers that someone is still living on the property.

You can request that the seller moves excess furniture or personal belongings to an outside storage shed or a storage unit. Avoid moving everything to closets or cabinets where buyers will likely inspect as they tour the home. You’ll also want to advise sellers to remove personalized items like monogrammed decor pieces, family photos, and children’s artwork on the fridge.

Boost the Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of the property is the first impression that you make on potential buyers and will determine if they decide to visit the home and take a tour of it. You’ll need to make the exterior of the house look inviting and allow it to stand out in the neighborhood. Ask the sellers to paint the trim, add potted plants to the porch, and install new address numbers. 

You can also have them paint the front door with a pop of color or install a decorative lattice to draw more attention to the property and make it look classy. With a few modern accents, it will make the house look newer and more attractive.

Use a Professional Photographer

Many real estate agents make the mistake of underestimating the power of quality photos in their listing, which can make the house appear more attractive. The photos are the main part of the listing that grabs the buyer’s attention, which makes it necessary to hire a professional instead of trying to take pictures yourself. Avoid asking the homeowner to take photos because they also lack the necessary tools and equipment to make the house look as visually appealing compared to a professional.

A professional photographer will use higher-quality equipment to ensure you can have high-resolution photos to use in your ads. They’ll also be able to edit the photos to ensure the colors appear more vibrant.

It’s important to keep in mind that the photos will be used on flyers, marketing materials, and direct mail, which is why it’s necessary to invest in quality images to ensure it makes the home easier to sell.

Send Postcards

The amount of exposure your home gets in the real estate industry will make it easier to sell if you inform more people that it’s listed. Consider sending postcards to different addresses to get the attention of residents who may be in the market for a new home. Opt for using a direct mail company like Wise Pelican to use a company that specializes in real estate and can assist you with making postcards for real estate listings. 

Postcards are an easy way to grab someone’s attention and are more effective than letters because the recipient can glance at it quickly without having to open an envelope. Use high-quality cardstock to ensure it looks more professional and holds up well as it’s in transit to each residence.

Spread the Word Online

As a real estate agent, increasing the exposure of the real estate listing online is key to selling the house quickly and drawing more attention to the property. Take advantage of social media and email for a quick and affordable way of reaching out to potential buyers.

You can also go the extra mile by creating a page specifically made for the listing. The page can make the house stand out more and can make it easier for people to follow or make note of as they begin their search for the perfect home.

In addition to sending postcards for real estate listings, hosting an open house should also be a part of your plan to invite more people to check out the home and tour the grounds. Open houses provide buyers with the chance to browse the property in a stress-free setting without having to schedule an appointment. Buyers can come and go as they please, which can allow them to stay longer and ask questions.

Purchase a Thank You Gift for the Clients

Once you find the right buyers and reach the closing date, you can have the chance to thank the clients for their patience and participation. As a real estate professional, it’s important to send a gift to thank them for using your services to show your appreciation and care.

Look for a gift that is specific to the client’s interests or lifestyle. They may enjoy playing golf, traveling, or dining at a specific restaurant nearby. Knowing a bit about them can allow you to send a personalized gift that is more intentional. By making a great impression on the client, it can cause them to refer you to their family members and friends in the future.

As a real estate professional, understanding the keys to getting your real estate listing sold is crucial to becoming more competitive and successful in the industry. With a few simple steps taken, it can allow you to make your homes stand out on the market and sell them quicker and for more money to ensure you can earn more commission.

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