Business Essentials Include Basic Fire Safety Tools

At one point or another, we have all suffered the nightmare of being trapped inside a burning building. To avoid turning a bad dream into reality, every business owner should have certain implements on hand to control small fires before they get out of hand.

Business Essentials Include Basic Fire Safety Tools

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is one apparatus which should be accessible in every office, shop, restaurant and factory. In many public buildings, strategically placed fire extinguishers nyc are a mandatory feature. Fire extinguishers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with a variety of chemicals depending on the classes of fire they’re meant to fight. Most types of businesses will be fine with a so-called “tri-class” extinguisher for fire classes A, B, and C. These contain dry chemical compounds designed to neutralize a broad spectrum of fires involving trash, electrical outlets, or flammable fuels. Cooking businesses will also require extinguishers suitable for handling class K fires.  These are “wet chemical” units containing water enhanced with antifreeze or other chemical additives.

Evacuation Signs

When a fire emergency occurs, it is vital to get all staff and visitors out of the building as soon as possible. Every second counts and the longer a person spends inside a burning building the more likely they are to suffer smoke damage, burns, or fatal injuries. Fire exits and evacuation points need to be clearly visible and easy to find, especially when there is low visibility. For this, you would want emergency exit left signs that are reflective, backlit, or glow in the dark. The quantity required will depend on the size and layout of each building. Small buildings may only require a fire exit sign above the door while larger ones will need signs to mark every change in direction in the route to the nearest fire exit.

Smoke Detectors

To quote a common saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Indeed, smoke is a good indication of a fire in progress, which could become deadly if unchecked. For this reason, a smoke alarm is another must-have item in every room. With their use of loud noise and flashing lights, smoke detectors let you know about fires while there’s still time to act. Smoke detectors connected to a building’s fire alarm system can, once activated, signal your local fire department to see that the situation stays under control. Remember, smoke detectors can only do their job if they’re properly maintained, so it’s important to change the batteries every year.

We all recognize the danger of a building on fire. Having and knowing how to use basic civilian fire protection devices can prevent such a tragedy.