4 Things That Can Make Your Workroom More Efficient

No matter what hobby you pursue in your workroom, or how much time you get to spend there, that time will be more enjoyable and better served if it is an efficient space. Don’t feel overwhelmed if your space is already loaded with tools, supplies, and equipment. Try a few of these simple hacks to boost your workroom productivity and give yourself more time to do what you enjoy.

4 Things That Can Make Your Workroom More Efficient

Get Things Rolling With Some Wheels

If every work table in your space is stationary, then chances are you have to move around to pick up supplies, bring them back, find the right tools, you name it. Adding wheels to even one table can make it a mobile workstation that will help minimize travel time around your workroom. Opt for something smooth like a set of 4 inch caster wheels so you don’t have to struggle with a fully loaded worktable.

Shed Light on Your Projects With LED Bulbs

Stop struggling to see under dim bulbs and step up to some LED lighting in your space. If you have built-in storage cabinets, adding under cabinet lights can help illuminate the counter surface without overwhelming the room. Make sure that your work area has enough light so you don’t have to worry about squinting to see your project materials. There are light bars that can mount on the ceiling, wall, or shelves, fixtures that clamp right onto your workspace, and simple tap lights that can be placed almost anywhere. You could even add a sign like those made by Neon Mama as a decorative touch and improve the mood and ambiance too.

Find A Home For Every Tool

It doesn’t matter what your hobby is, so whether you do sewing, woodworking, or decorative painting, you’ll require some supplies and tools for each project. Keep them neat and organized by using storage solutions that work for you. Consider what types of things you will need to store, how often you will need to access them, and whether they should be put up high or down low. Storing heavy items in lower cabinets, shelves, or on the floor can help minimize the risk of injury.

Create Order With Labels

A place for everything and everything in its place. If you adhere to this age-old adage, your special project space will always be neat and orderly so you will have no trouble finding tools and supplies when you need them. Use labels to help create a sense of order and to remind you to put supplies away in their designated places. That will definitely boost efficiency by eliminating all the time you currently spend looking for those things and let you spend more time doing what you enjoy.