Telecom Italia Saving shares: An overview

The market is believed to be efficient. A wide array of hungry and smart investors are there that have entered into a deep competition with each other for reaping the bargains of the market. The Telecom Italia Saving shares have attracted a bunch of investors at present.

Kinds of Telecom Italia Shares


The Share Capital of Telecom Italia is known to be divided at present into two unique types of shares that are referred to as ordinary as well as savings. The holders of the ordinary shares have the prerequisite rights for voting, intervening and attending the extraordinary and ordinary meetings of the share meetings. They also have earned the rights for procuring a portion the net income, that is allocated by the company which is subsequent to the distribution of the same to the savings shareholders.


People who are holding the savings shares do not possess any right for voting in the extraordinary and ordinary meetings of the shareholders. They can reap their benefits from the distribution of net income for the year where they get 5 percent of the fixed value of the share. In some cases, they are known for having the rights of receiving a higher dividend in comparison to the holders of the ordinary shares in the proportion of 2 percent of the total fixed value of the share.

Stock exchanges


Telecom Italia ordinary and savings are seen to float in the New York Stock Exchange and Milan Stock Exchange. The market capitalization of the company is known to be 10.32 billion euro for the ordinary shares whereas, for the saving shares, it is 3.6 billion euro. The company is found to be included within the FTSE Mib Index where the percentage weight is equivalent to 2,52. During December in the year of 2017, ITCm was included in the fourteenth year which runs in both of the sustainability index categories of Dow Jones.

It was in the year of 2017 when TIM was the only Italian Telco that made its entry in the leading Thompson Reuters Diversity Index for the first time. In the month of February in the year of 2018, TIM is involved in the Robeco SAM Sustainability Yearbook of the 2018 edition.


TIM is also known to be present in the Financial Times Stock Exchange for Good Europe and Global series from the very beginning. In addition to this, TIM is known to be included in thibel Sustainability Indexes, Europe 120 and Eurozone 120, STOXX®, ECPI Euro Ethical Equity, Excellence Europe and Global, ECPI Indexes, ECPI Euro ESG Equity, ECPI World ESG Equity, TIM is regarded as the prime in the OEKOM rating as well as industry leader with the Substainalytics report.

The stock symbols that are used for the identification of Telecom Italia Shares by Bloomberg ar TIT IM for the ordinary shares whereas for the savings share, it is known to be TIIR IM, for the savings share.

Reuters make use of TLIT.MI for the stock symbols of the ordinary shares whereas it is TLIT.MI for the savings share. You can refer to the website of the Italian stock exchange for additional details.

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