Social Media Marketing Strategies

It’s no secret that in today’s world online interactions are hugely important, and being savvy on social media has the power to help you reach your goals. When you need brand awareness, more traffic, conversions, and better customer engagement, social media opens up a lot of doors.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

ZipRecruiter’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eyal Gutentag, has the experience to know that if you have a large social media following with an engaged audience, it will be far simpler to achieve your marketing goals. If you’re not on social yet, or are unsure where to start, these tips should get you going.

Plan ahead

You’re far better off having a well-researched plan than just jumping on a platform and winging it. First, ask yourself some key questions to define your goals:

  • What is your marketing campaign designed to accomplish?
  • Who is your campaign intended for?
  • What platforms does this target audience use?
  • How do you want this audience to engage with your campaign?

Do Your Research

Research effective keywords that will appeal to your target audience, but remember that it’s important to use them naturally in your content. In addition, find out what your competitors are doing. If something is working for the competition and it rings true to your brand, borrow it and improve on it.

Stay Consistent

You’ll find that each social platform has its own rules and best practices, but within the individual structures, your brand has to shine through. Your company’s strengths, style and overall message should be consistent from text posts to video to voice and everything in between.

Keep it Real

Marketing is, after all, about connecting to the consumer, and there’s no better way than interacting with a real, relatable human. Authenticity is crucial to gaining trust, and it could mean very different things for different brands. Being funny might be your natural vibe; maybe it’s a calm, collected confidence that instills faith in your brand; or perhaps a kind of intense, go-for-it compassion that will resonate with your tribe.

Utilize Analytics

It’s important to track your strategies with analytics so you know if what you’re doing is working or not; otherwise you are just flying blind. You can attach tracking tags from Google Analytics or many other tracking services to get vital feedback about your campaign. This information will show you what to keep doing and what to change.

There are lots of things to consider when breaking into the social media marketing game, but these major points will help give you a running start.