Tips for Hiring People-Skill Managers To Run Your Apartment Development

Tips for Hiring People-Skill Managers To Run Your Apartment Development

As a real estate developer, you want the best for your tenants; after all, your name is associated with the building. Regarding apartment development, in particular, positive tenant owner relations start with the management team you hire to oversee the complex. Managers should possess specific qualities that can increase the odds that they will run your multi-family building successfully. Keep your tenants happy by making sure the face representing your name possesses the following attributes.

Is Diplomatic

Real estate developer Paul Daneshrad suggests good company managers need to be sensitive communicators. This principle applies to manager resident communications just as much as it does to manager-employee interactions. A good apartment manager listens to what individuals and collective groups say and ask. At the same time, the manager needs to relay information about property decisions and pending lease changes. These measures should be taken formally whenever possible, whether through town-hall meetings, newsletters or email communications.

Maintains the Property

Because buildings support networks of plumbing, electricity and several other interlocking structural systems, they require continual upkeep. Managers need to be able to envision maintenance big pictures while focusing on their details. Make sure your manager has the ability to organize annual routine maintenance schedules but also possesses the skills to oversee individual repairs as they come up.

Is Responsive

Emergency repairs are only one area managers have to address continually. They may have to resolve noise complaints or building temperature concerns, for example. Managers may possess diplomatic soft skills and maintenance strengths but these attributes mean little if tenants never see managers in action. Yours needs to be reliably responsive when residents reach out for assistance. Ensure that your tenants hear back from a manager within one day after trying to make contact.

Keeps You in the Loop

You do not want to find out about issues only after they grow disproportionate to their original significance. Your manager needs to communicate with you consistently following whatever time frame you find comfortable: daily, weekly or as needed. A good manager can also ascertain what is important and will filter information so that you are not fed insignificant minutia.

In other words, when seeking property management for your apartment complex, you need to invest in managers who recognize the value of two-way relationships. A well-run complex results when ownership, management and tenants can act as a team. The right manager will ensure this three-way harmony exists starting the moment every lease is signed.