Real Estate: What South Tampa Has to Offer

What South Tampa Has to Offer


When you are looking to buy real estate it can be difficult to know where to move to. This can be because the whole family will have different ideas about what they enjoy. For instance, are they someone who likes to relax on a beach or a person who enjoys different sports? In South Tampa, you can experience both of these. Some wonderful beaches there consist of white sands and there are also some local sports teams that you can follow to keep your interest in whatever sport it is that you love watching or playing.

To find out more right now about moving to South Tampa, there is a website. It is and can provide just the information you need to make the ultimate decision about buying real estate there. Also, we will look to highlight just what is on offer from the local beaches and sports facilities in the Tampa area.


Tampa’s Beaches

Those living in South Tampa are only a matter of between 2 and 25 minutes from the Indian Rocks or Clearwater area. Anyone living in St. Pete or Clearwater is luckier still because they only have a 5-15 minute drive to a beach. It is everyone’s dream, who does not currently live near the sea or ocean, to have a beach so close to their home. You can be close enough to enjoy it every day without having crowds near your home. Everyone will, after all, be thinking the same thing and want to enjoy their nearest beach.

Some of the best beaches in Tampa are considered to be the Indian Rocks Beach, Ben T. Davis Beach, Sand Key Park, Fred Howard Park, and Honeymoon Island State Park. So, it seems you could have a day like your honeymoon week every day, with the beaches near enough to visit.

If you want to avoid the crowds, then Tampa’s least crowded beach is Fort De Soto Park. Don’t tell too many people, though. The beach is not only quiet but a large beach over which to roam, consisting of five different islands and an area of 1,136 acres.


Tampa’s Sports Facilities

Professional sports are played in Tampa. Three teams there complete in four major leagues. So, there is plenty of sports action to follow. The teams are:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (National Football League) – a professional American football team.

Tampa Bay lightning (National Hockey League) – who play their home games at Amalie Arena, downtown Tampa.

Tampa Bay Rays (Major League Baseball) – based in St. Petersburg, Florida. They are a member club of the American League East Division.

This means that whatever your sports are, you are likely to find it in Tampa. These teams play regularly and you can watch them each time they play at their usual ground.


So, What Else Does Tampa/South Tampa Have to Offer?

South Tampa is famous for Bayshore Boulevard. This is where there is the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. The reason residents will move to South Tampa is to upscale. It is the reason why many are seeing South Tampa as the place to move to. This should see house prices rise and mean that houses here are a good investment.


To conclude, South Tampa real estate owners can look forward to its beaches and sports facilities and, of course, its famous Bayshore Boulevard. The mix of beaches and sports will satisfy everyone within the family. Then there are some good schools in terms of education to attend. This is not to mention that the area is surrounded by independent restaurants and boutique shops to enjoy. So, they do have it all covered in terms of keeping residents and tourists happy.

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