Costa Rica – The Place to Buy Real Estate

Costa Rica - The Place to Buy Real Estate

Costa Rica is a place to set your clock to because the sun rises and sets there at the same time 365 days a year. If you have not considered it already, perhaps it is now time to think about buying real estate there. It has a lot to offer house buyers looking to settle down or take a holiday there. Alternatively, you can add Costa Rica to your investment portfolio.

If you are looking to buy Costa Rica real estate, in particular, then it is worth finding out about what is on offer there. This article will take you on that journey to Costa Rica and specifically with the real estate investor in mind.

Good Economy

From an investment point of view, Costa Rica has a thriving economy as the second-largest exporter of bananas in the world. It is only Ecuador that exports more of them. So, if you are looking for a fruitful investment, you should always consider buying property in a location that is doing well and where there is the money to invest in property when it is time to sell yours.


More and more of us are concerned with the environment these days and Costa Rica can be considered one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world, as somewhere that has set the goal to become fossil-free and only use non-renewable energies. Costa Rica is well on the path to achieving this aim and helping the environment. As an investor in property there, you could join them in this journey.

Costa Rica makes up 5 percent of the world’s diversity, which equates to 0.03 percent of it. This is because it boasts many rainforest animals that live in its lands. The government there is working extremely hard to preserve these rainforests and national parks. It would be wonderful to live in Costa Rica as a resident, owning property there, and supporting them in this work.

Greater Lifespans

If you are into living longer, and who wouldn’t be, then Nicoya in Costa Rica can be considered what is called a blue zone. To see centenarians there is not at all unusual. Most residents local to there will expect to reach at least the age of 90. You can become one of their residents by buying property there.

If you have not considered buying property in a blue zone, there is no time to waste.

Settling Down After Marriage

Why not get married in Costa Rica and then make it your home? Costa Rican women will maintain their maiden name for life. In other countries, of course, the woman will take the name of her husband. So, how forward-thinking is this in a society where women are making themselves heard more and achieving greater equality? This has to be the way to start a lifetime commitment with someone. Costa Rica is a wonderful place to settle down into family life. You will want it to be the place where you live and work. Tourism makes up a big part of Costa Rica, so there will be plenty of jobs to have in that industry to earn your living. It is a Spanish-speaking country and that is one of the easiest languages to learn whatever part of the world you are originally from.

Feeling Safe

Anywhere we live we want to feel safe. The indicator that we can feel safe in Costa Rica is that there is no standing army there. This is because Costa Ricans will rightly pride themselves on the fact that they are both a friendly and democratic nation. So, who would not want to live and invest there?

It is certainly worth checking the properties out in Costa Rica to see what might suit you and your family, whether you are planning to live, holiday, or invest there.

In summary, there is much to attract us to Costa Rica as a real estate investor or someone looking for a nice place in the world to settle down and live.