Why Are Machine Inspections Important ?

Inspections of heavy equipment and machinery are necessary for many industries, including trucking, manufacturing, and construction. Some of the items checked during an inspection include:

  • The presence of a functioning brake system with brake lights
  • An audible horn or similar warning device
  • Suitable steering performance
  • Tires that can maintain good traction
  • Good performance of the engine

If you work in an industry that uses large equipment, you may have wondered why inspections are needed. Here are some reasons why machine inspections are important.

To Meet Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires workplaces to meet certain safety standards, including having machinery in good working order. A piece of equipment not working up to par should be taken out of commission until it can meet health and safety standards. A record of equipment inspections Lexington should also be kept in case there are any questions or concerns about the equipment or inspection process.

To Increase Productivity

When equipment breaks down or fails to perform as it should, people need to take time off from their regular duties to see what went wrong and attempt to fix the issue. Regular inspections help to keep equipment maintained, allow the opportunity for worn parts to be replaced, and decrease the likelihood that a piece of equipment will break down in the middle of the workday. Waiting until a machine breaks rather than regularly maintaining the machine usually ends up costing more in both time and money to repair.

To Lower the Risk of Injuries

Workplace accidents and injuries can be caused by working with machinery that was not safe to be in use. Inspections ensure that the safety components of a vehicle, such as lights, brakes, and the horn, are functioning well enough to use.

These are some of the many reasons why workplace inspections for machinery are important.