Top 4 Reasons Why Self-Storage Units are So Popular

Storage units are popular because they allow us to arrange our homes how we want to. This makes it worth checking out what is on offer, as far as storage away from the home is concerned. In terms of storage unit prices in Tulsa, you should find them competitive and much more cost-effective than making the wrong decisions about items. For instance, what if a son or daughter might want a piece of furniture for their first home? It might save buying a table later on.



People feel better in themselves once they declutter. Self-storage units provide us with a chance to move objects out of our home and into temporary or more permanent storage. These will be surplus items, that we either still want to keep because they hold sentimental value, or ones that we see a future purpose for.

Research has demonstrated that clutter can have cumulative effects on our brain, to the extent that we reduce our ability to focus because of the disarray an untidy home causes. The visual distractions of clutter will increase cognitive overloads and so reduce working memories.

Anyone who has read such research will understand the benefits of self-storage, when it comes to achieving the aim of decluttering. Self-storage is one of the solutions to clearing our minds for more inspiration in other areas.


Sufficient Space to Move

Having too many items in our home can mean that we make it difficult to move around or to clean. That could be the case for us cleaning, or for our cleaner. How can we expect our hired cleaner to move so many objects so they can clean properly? They are going to spend most of their time moving objects, rather than cleaning, for the time we pay them. If we clean ourselves, then we are creating a time-consuming inconvenience we brought on ourselves over time. Either way, it is avoidable when we can make use of local self-storage unit facilities.

We will want maximum space within our rooms to entertain guests, not to put them off because we have taken away their space for enjoyment, because of our clutter. There is no need to part company with our objects just yet, though, because we can put them into self-storage while we decide on their fate. Sentimentality usually wins, though, and self-storage will allow us to hold on to our treasured items that have been passed down the generations.



A home packed full of items has the potential to be unsafe. Apart from not looking appealing, they can create trip hazards or fall on us.

If we continue to buy new things, yet never part with the old and not even consider storage solutions, we run the risk of making our home unsafe for us and anyone who enters it. That is our family and our guests. 



A home generally looks more appealing when ornaments and other items are spread out more. Space will give the effect that a home is more modern, if that is the look that you are wanting. This idea has changed through time, as generations past that would fill their homes with objects as symbols of wealth. Today, we are more about minimalism and living for the moment.


Assessing the four points above, it is clear to see that there are reasons for needing to use a self-storage unit. This then explains why the self-storage industry is as popular as it ever was. Even the word “declutter” has been coined, and we will look to achieve it now rather than just think or talk about it.

We want space to move and enjoy life more. We do not want to feel boxed in, whether it is a box or surplus tables or wardrobes that are causing it. We would like to feel safe in our home. Then, think about how much better our home can look when we do not have surplus objects spoiling the look of the new objects we have bought. Old and new objects do not necessarily mix, so with a self-storage unit, we can constantly change the look of our home and alternative between the old and the modern at will. It just depends on whether we are feeling nostalgic or minimalistic.

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