The Most Popular Types of Plastic Surgery

People are always seeking perfection, and social media has pushed some people’s dissatisfaction with their appearance to an epidemic level. For others, they may be seeking relief from a real or imagined deformity like the girl that was teased about her nose all her life, the man that barely survived a crash, the woman who feels undesirable or the person that is tired of hiding their prominent ears behind their hair. They all believe that changing their features will improve their lives. It would be so much easier if features could be picked from a catalog like rubber molded parts, but since they can’t, there is plastic surgery.

The Most Popular Types of Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

The most popular plastic surgery in the United States is breast augmentation. Many women believe that bigger is better and will pay a lot of money and risk their health to wear a bigger bra. Since there is an expected life for implants, the surgery must be repeated every few years unless there are complications. Some women want to keep getting bigger implants, even against a doctor’s advice, so they have repeated surgeries with different surgeons.


Liposuction comes in second in the most popular plastic surgeries in the US. The weight loss industry is booming, and a quick fix seems very intriguing. Liposuction isn’t without risk, however. Despite the dangers, over 400,000 liposuction techniques are performed each year.

Nose Jobs

Coming in third is nose reshaping. Ethnic noses are sometimes deemed undesirable by those that have seen models, actors or even dolls with small noses. Others have sustained severe or multiple fractures leaving their noses misshapen or even impeding normal breathing. Like other plastic surgeries, many people find that they are dissatisfied with the results and continue to seek additional operations to achieve either their perfect look or to correct improperly performed prior procedures.

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