Signs Your Business Needs SEO

You’re a business owner who invested in a website with all the bells and whistles. And yet, you’re still not reaping the promised results that many talks about when it comes to having an online presence.

You can’t quite figure it out yet, but you’ve added bright, attractive images and videos, made sure the fonts are easy to look at, and published content that is relevant and engaging. By all means, you think you’ve done a pretty good job with the website, so how come your traffic remains minimal at best?

A simple Google search of SEO agencies can throw up multiple agency options. However, it is always better to go on a reputed and reviewed platform and check out the listings for SEO agencies. DesignRush companies can give you a better idea of the various digital marketing and SEO agencies that you can hire for your business. You can go through their ratings, and check out their details before you call and set up an appointment. In other words, platforms like DesignRush can help you with the initial filtering process.

That thing you can’t quite figure out yet, that piece missing from your business website puzzle, that’s probably SEO.

What is SEO?

In case you haven’t heard of it yet–or if you have already, you didn’t really take it seriously then – SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This basically refers to a strategy that helps websites rank higher in search results. Look at it from the lens of a web user.

Imagine yourself looking for a fast-food delivery place. You search online, and you immediately check the top results. Most likely, you’re not even going to leave the first page of the search results, right? Now back to being the business owner with the website. That first page, on the top rankings, that’s where you want your website to come up when people search for products or services like the one you’re offering.

That’s where SEO can help take you. Still not convinced? Here are some telltale signs your business could use some help from a professional seo optimizer service provider.

Your Website is Not Ranking

As mentioned above, if your website is still not ranking well enough to generate leads for your business, you might need more than just changing the images on your page. Every element on your website is an opportunity to be optimized for SEO.

From the images to the sources you cited but did not link back to, to the incorporation of relevant keywords in the copy (apply keywords moderately!), all of these can be used as leverage to improve your competitive online advantage.

You’re Getting Traffic, Just Not Quality Ones

Don’t be too quick to celebrate when you see high web traffic. Check it alongside the bounce rate, or data that tells you how quickly a visitor exited from your website. It’s not just traffic you’re after, it’s quality traffic that will give you good leads for conversion.

SEO can help with high targeting of even the most niche markets, and that’s the kind of traffic and engagement you want.

You Can’t Do SEO

Another telling sign that you need to get professional SEO services is when you do realize its importance, but you don’t know what to do or how to go about it. Rather than wasting time “learning” it on your own, when you can be focused on your business instead, it’s best to simply leave it in the hands of professionals instead.

You can even customize the strategy according to the needs of the company. You don’t have to get every available bundle on offer. The strategies you need ultimately will depend on the initial audit findings of the SEO service company anyway.