Citi Premier Card: What Is It?

You can get a mid-tier card that enables you to get points and welcome bonuses of up to 60,000 after you’ve spent around $4,000 on your purchases. The annual fee can be up to $95, and this is great for people with good or excellent credit ratings. The regular annual percentage rates charges can range from 21% to 30%. See more about an APR on this site here.

When you want a card with more generous rewards that include various spending categories, then the Citi Premier should be your go-to choice. It’s going to be available when you spend at hotels, airplane tickets, gas stations, groceries, and restaurants, and a point per dollar is going to be the reward as long as the transaction is eligible. There are also attractions and car rentals that you can take advantage of through the portals, and there’s up to 10 points per dollar when you book through the portal of Citi Travel until June 30, 2024.

Travel benefits can cover lost or delayed baggage, and this is going to be in contrast with other cards. Like the ones from Chase or American Express, you’ll get more flexibility and pool your points earned through the cards. However, shared points can only be valid for 90 days.

What are the Rewards Available?

You can get a blend of bonuses on expensive travel or everyday spending with the Citi Premier Credit Card, and you can redeem it for gift cards or merchandise. It’s going to give you a 1 cent per point cashback value through statement credits, checks sent via mail, or direct deposits. You won’t also need to have minimum redemption, but for the ones who choose a check in the mail, it should be at least 500 points for $5.

Retailers and gift cards can be redeemed starting at 1000 points. There are choices to use them at home improvement shops or restaurants just like you would usually do with a prepaid debit. When you’re in a store, you can always go to Amazon, Walmart, CVS, and Shell gas stations to pay for your purchases. Offset some of your previous purchases on BestBuy or by using your card.

Book a cruise to your dream destination as well as flights using the Citi’s site. Some itineraries are going to be priced similarly to travel agencies like Orbitz and Expedia. Have the opportunity to transfer your points at an airline that’s going to be the same rate, and this is going to offer more phenomenal value on award tickets or monthly sales. There are partners like the Turkish Miles and Smiles and JetBlue TrueBlue.

What are the Potential Rewards?

Using information on various government agencies, if you belong in the 70th percentile of homeowners spending, and you spend around $118,000 each year, then around $40,000 of these expenses can be charged to credit cards.

The greatest rewards are for those who tend to have a travel lifestyle. If you’re frequently on a jet-setting lifestyle and you need to get savings before fees and taxes. There is $100 off in hotels as long as you meet the minimum of $500 before fees and taxes in this calendar year. You wouldn’t also have to pay any other fees when you need to purchase something abroad.

Other Advantages to Enjoy

Theft and Damage Protection: When you’re buying something eligible, you can get protected for around 90 days of delivery or purchase date. You can get it reimbursed or repaired up to $10,000 per incident with a max of $50,000 annually. Find info about a reimbursement at this link:

Get extended warranties as well with the points and this is possible for a maximum of $10,000 per item. When there’s entertainment and you need to buy concert tickets or get admitted to exclusive events, then this is something that members can get. With the concierge, you can receive assistance for your entertainment, dining, and shopping needs.

A virtual account number can be generated if you want to shop online. There’s also a set limit that can prevent expensive purchases about your account number. However, reading the fine print will mean that you have to accept the variable APR rates that can be up to 29.24%. There are also fees and balance transfer fees with a minimum of $5 and 5% charges.

You can earn the welcome bonuses after initially spending at least $4,000. Adding these cards to your mobile wallet will also make sure that you’re getting cash on hand if you want to buy something. You can also get special spending promotions and earn extra when you activate the card.

When you stack this up on the Chase Sapphire Preferred, this is going to earn you around 5 points per dollar, and this is done through Target, Walmart, and wholesale clubs. Also, the former has a travel protection package for trip delay reimbursement and trip interruption insurance as well as a rental collision damage waiver, so compare your options first.