Benefits of Renting a Satellite Phone Instead of Buying

Satellite phones are sometimes seen as luxury items. People carry them for emergency reasons during adventure trips or moving in remote areas. A satphone can connect at any place, unlike ordinary mobile phones. They have a wide coverage area making them standout unique over the regular phones. When you want to spend your vacation away from town, you can go for a sat phone rental option to remain connected. You can call family members and friends with much ease. Therefore, what are the benefits of renting a satellite phone?


It can cost you more than $1500 to purchase a satellite phone. The price might be higher than that, depending on the device’s quality, range, and utility. Apart from that, consider additional expenses like maintenance and operational fees. These are charges that will come along with the sat phone plan. However, if you just need a sat phone to go on vacation, renting one will offer the flexibility to change the plan to your preference. You will not have to think about maintenance fees or even be bothered with the high cost of purchasing it.

Low upfront cost

The upfront cost accompanied by the purchase of a sat phone is high. You will also expect to experience high continual maintenance and plan fees. When purchasing a sat phone, you need to consider the activation costs, overage fees, and monthly plan charges. When you rent a satellite phone, you only need to concern yourself with the monthly plan charge, which you spend only once.

Choose who to work with

Before renting a sat phone, you have a chance to test out different types of services. It is easy to get the best and still pay the little renting amount. During the testing period, you can determine the companies with great services. Therefore, renting can be your best option when you have no intentions of buying and helps you to note down the companies you can buy from if you decide to buy a sat phone in the future.

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