A Guide on How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash

More people are interested in investing in bitcoin or other types of alternative coins. Typically, any crypto newbie googles about how to buy bitcoins with cash. When bitcoin was starting back in 2009, there were limited platforms for buying or selling bitcoin.

You’ve probably heard about the saying, “If you didn’t buy bitcoins back in 2009-2010, now is the time to buy it.” Crypto and blockchain technology has grown over the past couple of years. Nowadays, online businesses are accepting payments in crypto coins because the transactions are faster and cheaper.

Fast forward to 2021, and now we have a couple of crypto exchange accounts or platforms that allow investors to trade crypto coins easily. So if you’re looking for ways on how to get bitcoin with cash, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we look at the steps on how to use cash to buy bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash: Exchange Accounts

Exchange accounts are the safest means of buying and selling bitcoin. If you search how to buy bitcoin cash in the us, you will come across several listings of the best exchange platforms. You need to sign up for an account to get started. 

You will require an email and password to sign up for an account. After that, you can link your account with your bank account via your credit or debit card. Most exchange platforms typically use third-party systems to carry out the transactions when you’re buying or selling bitcoin using your credit or debit card.

There are means on how to buy cryptocurrency with cash which we will also highlight in the later sections of this article. However, whenever you’re buying crypto using your debit or credit card, your bank may charge you conversion fees if you’re not using a USD account.

If you’re in the hunt for a decent exchange account, we would highly suggest using Nakitcoins. NakitCoins helps to buy bitcoins with cash, and their transaction charges are low compared to other platforms.


Other Modes of Buying Bitcoins

Other than exchange accounts, there are several different ways via which you can buy bitcoin or any crypto coin of your choice. The first mode is via P2P websites, and the second is through Bitcoin ATMs. All of these will work well but are not as safe as using exchange accounts.

Peer-to-peer websites work similarly to exchange accounts. For example, if you search for how to use cash to buy bitcoin, you will undoubtedly come across various P2P websites. Transactions on P2P platforms are anonymous, but there is a high risk of getting conned.

Bitcoin ATMs function like regular ATMs that work with fiat currencies. However, you can use them to buy bitcoins or any other crypto coin the ATM supports. The ATM is connected to your private e-wallet, where your crypto coins are sent after purchase. You can search where to buy bitcoin in usa with cash to find any bitcoin ATMs located within your region.

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