4 Reasons to Use Cloud Hosting

Despite the growing popularity of the cloud, some people are still nervous about trusting their data to the internet. While local backups have their benefits, they can’t do everything that remote hosting can. Backing your information up to the cloud could be the difference between a surviving company and a thriving one.

1. Environmental

If your company is looking for ways to go green, cloud hosting services could help you get there. Using remote servers means more flexibility with regard to the energy required to store your data. This can help minimize your carbon footprint and help you move toward sustainability. Your backup will only use the energy it needs and not any extra—it’s scalable.

2. Access

Need to look at a file at home or on a business trip? No problem. Cloud hosting providers Dallas allow you to access your data anywhere you have internet access. Many services even provide access via apps, so you don’t even necessarily need a laptop to get work done remotely. Your productivity doesn’t have to be tied to a desk and a single computer anymore. Working from home or working on the road is easy and seamless.

3. Collaboration

There’s no reason to keep sending documents back and forth via email, providing feedback one at a time, slowing down projects. When your files are online, collaborating with colleagues gets much easier because you no longer have to be in the same room or even the same office to work on a project together. You can edit documents anywhere, any time—and those updates will show up for your whole team automatically and immediately (as long as they’re connected to the internet). Sharing files this way is also more secure, as your data will be encrypted on the cloud.

4. Competitive

Make your business more attractive to both customers and employees. Online hosting makes it easy to offer more. More and more employees look for the ability to work remotely at least some of the time, and this enables your company to be more flexible without losing productivity The cloud also helps you streamline and speed up, helping you compete with larger businesses.

Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to stop backing up locally. Many businesses do both for extra peace of mind. We live in a world in which data is potentially the most valuable currency, so relying on one local backup no longer makes sense. Step into the future and backup remotely as well.

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